Castle of Rochechinard


1: The cannon tower
The cannon tower or polygonal "tower"has 2.8 metre thick walls pierced with artillery on various levels and at different angles. It is wide open on the inside.. It is relatively good condition.

2 : The barbican
This term was used during the Middle Ages to refer to a protruding fortification protecting a passage, a door or a postern enabling the garrison of a fortress to gather on a covered overhang for outings, to protect a retreat or to introduce a relief corps. The commonest shape for barbicans was circular or semi-circular with one or more exits hidden by the curve of the building. Camping armies were careful to raise huge barbicans in front of the entrances to the camps to allow the troops to combine attacks, retreats and defence. During a seige, outside the walls of the fortress, barbicans were often raised which were only temporarary structures used to house additional garrison. However, in most cases, barbicans were permanent structures around well equipped fortresses. _

3 : The entrance and remparts
Beyond the second door, a drawbridge closed the entrance to the keep. The rock is hewn on a steep slope between the two towers and offers no shelter. The cannon tower is accessed from the first floor of the keep via the ramparts.

4 :The keep
It can still be saved if restoration work is carried out in the near future.

5 : The dwelling
Only three walls remain standing of a what must have been a bigger dwelling.
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