Castle of Rochechinard

My thanks to those who gave me advice and put me in touch with
people who were able to help me.

_Mr Baudoin (Former mayor of St Jean en Royan), Mme Danielle Bouvier,
_Mme Marie Noelle Cachera (News paper : Le Dauphiné),
_Mr Roland Cottin (Former mayor of Rochechinard), Mr Thierry Despagne (Architect),
_Mr Alain Derbier(Storyteller) et Josselin Derbier(historians and archeaologist),
_Mr Estassy (Mayor of Ste Eulalie), Docteur Laforêt, Mr Bruno Lecomte,
_Mr C. Madern (Mayor of d'Echevis),
_Mme Danielle Pic(General councilor of Drôme, new mayor of St Jean en Royans).

My thanks to those who helped me with the initial work in saving the castle.
_Mr Alain Bigot, La famille Branko Zorn, Mr Jean Paul Castel, Mme Martine Come, Mr Joseph Cote,
_Mr Rolland Cottin, Mr Josselin Derbier, Mr Thierry Despagne, Gérard et Jacques Fontbonne,
_Forest ranger of Revols, Mr Michel Lecomte, Mr Philippe Legrand, Mr Claude Madern,
_Mme Françoise Miyata, Mr Luc Testoud, Mr Jean Tortel, Mr Guy Rambo,
_Mrs Bernard et Samuel Villard, Mr François Villard.

My thanks to those who provided me with equipment and tools for the work undertaken.
_Late Mr Frank Arena (Company Bouygue : cleaning material of construction "des Grand Goulet"),
_Mr Daniel Briant, Mr Rolland Cottin, Mr Daniel Dalon, E.I.F, Mr Albert Fillet, Mr Paolo Ghezzo,
_Marie Robert et Toni, Mr Paul Mazzocchi, Morin Transports, Ets Rousset,
_Mr Luc Testoud (Woodwork), Mr Jean-Paul Veret-Lemarinier, Mr Frank Vecchio,
_Mr Bernard et Samuel Villard, Mr Roger Vincent.

My thanks to the companies which carried out the work.
_Ste. A.T.S Artisan travaux spéciaux : Claude Madern (Clearing and covering:tower),
_Ste Castel Terrassement : JP Castel (Public work:forest trail),
_Franschek (Pictures), Mr Jano Tortel.

My apologies to those I have failed to mention.
I appreciate all you have done to show your interest in the castle.
Thank you all..
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